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Offer In Compromise

When to Seek An Offer In Compromise

If you owe so much taxes that there is no hope of ever paying your tax debt in full, an Offer in Compromise settlement may be your only chance to be tax debt-free. An Offer in Compromise or OIC settlement is a concession extended by the IRS to help struggling taxpayers pay a smaller amount of what they owe, or nothing at all. It must be understood that an OIC is a very serious procedure that will expose you and your finances in every way, because it requires thorough investigation. This means that aspects of your finances that would normally be left untroubled could easily come under scrutiny. Full and absolute disclosure is necessary, and in the end, this could either help you win or lose your case. Additionally, timing is important so contact us for professional advice before time runs out.

What to Consider Before Filing Offer In Compromise Documents

IRS Tax Problems

An OIC sounds attractive but it should never be over-simplified and presented as the first resort. In fact, any tax professional who understands the intricacies of the process will help you look into all other options before you begin. You need to understand that it takes a specific list of criteria to qualify, and once you submit your application you open yourself up to a lot more than signing papers and paying a fee. 

First, consider if you really do qualify, if you have any assets that the IRS could deem adequate to cover your debts, if you have been compliant with your filing of your tax for the last six consecutive months.  The IRS will not settle for less than it think it could potentially collect. Don’t leave yourself without the right legal representation in case you come face to face with an IRS investigator. These are just some of the things to keep in mind, and we can help you eliminate the guesswork.


The Ugly Truth about Offer In Compromise Relief

Most of the applications submitted each year are rejected for various reasons. This is why it is important to know all the intricacies and get expert representation before applying. A Tax OnCall Tax Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent can significantly increase your chances of winning your case because our team:

  • Is highly trained to provide Offer In Compromise help
  • Is well experienced
  • Consists of past IRS agents
  • Offers comprehensive support
  • Is dedicated and dependable
  • Has already saved clients millions

The OIC Process

Once you call us for comprehensive Offer In Compromise information and are sure you qualify, you will have to file a form 656-OIC and pay a $150 application fee and the non-refundable installment payments. During the process you can be asked to present many pieces of financial paperwork you have including receipts, paystubs, bank statements, and registration documents for tangible property (to name a few). Based on your assessed debt, there will already be an amount that the IRS believes can be collected from you. The “O” in OIC refers to the “offer” you make to them, and it must be equal to or more than they think you can pay.


Get Out of Debt-Take Action Now

Offer In Compromise solutions can help you win a federal tax lien release if there is a lien on your assets, as well as help you raise your credit score over time since your debt will be cleared. If this is the most suitable option for you then the right thing to do is act now. Why wait to call when debt relief is so possible to achieve?

Call Us Now For Help

Call Tax OnCall Tax financial for help with your tax burdens today. Our team of experts is waiting to show you how to win an Offer in Compromise settlement or any other assistance that applies to you. Do not delay; take back your peace of mind from the IRS today.

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