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Installment Agreement

Who Needs This Kind of Tax Solution

For years we have been helping people with tax debts that are too large to be repaid in one lumpsum negotiate with the IRS for an installment plan. An installment agreement with IRS is commonly referred to as a “payment plan” because it allows the owed amount to be paid over a period of time. There are different procedures based on the amount owed and one's level of tax compliance. The owed amount also determines the level of representation one will need, as well as the financial disclosure that will become necessary.

How an IRS Payment Plan Can Benefit You

IRS Tax Problems

Installment agreements can facilitate the removal of an active IRS Tax Lien. However, you have to remain current with your payments. We can fight to get you a manageable monthly sum, which will help you eventually dissolve your debt and salvage your credit score. There are four categories that you can fit into, each of which is denoted by the size of your debt. These are $10,000 and under, $10,001 to $24,999, $25,000 to $100,000, and over $100,000. The more you owe, the more you will need us to represent you.


Reasons to use Tax OnCall Tax Solutions

If you owe over $10,000 the process can get tricky. In fact, the more you owe the higher the probability that you will need an IRS tax attorney. The requirement for complete disclosure, the possibility of needing help with tax liens, and threat of asset liquidation will all increase. If you over over $100,000 then the first two cannot be escaped. However the third can be avoided if you have the right representation from the start. At OnCall we:

  • Have years of experience
  • Are highly trained
  • Deal with these cases daily
  • Have former IRS agents who pursued these cases
  • Are dedicated to winning
  • Continue to save troubled taxpayers millions

How to Get an IRS payment plan

Each category requires that all returns be filed. It is usually easy to get a plan if you owe under $10,000 and have a clean record. People tend to represent themselves at this point however, it is best to speak with a Tax OnCall Tax Attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent to ensure you do not need professional help. Also, the amount must be paid in 60 months. For the second category, you are likely to be offered a streamlined installment agreement with IRS, asked to fill out a 433-F, and only have to disclose a minimal amount of information.

For $25,000 to $100,000 a 433-A must be completed which will force you to disclose every piece of financial detail the IRS requires. Supporting documents may be demanded, and our expert representation is highly recommended or this could be a nightmare that does not end well. Debts above $100,000 it will be handed to a centralized unit devised specifically for these types of cases. You will definitely need one of our tax attorneys at this stage, and the IRS will do everything imaginable to recover the amount owed before they even consider negotiating installment agreements. Measures include liquidating all assets; your family home and retirement account will not be exempt, and it will be next to impossible to avoid or lift Federal tax liens.


Why You Need a Tax Attorney

There are several options for each tax problem, but it takes knowing the system to find the one that best suits you. Even if you win an installment agreement with IRS on your own, you could be forced to pay more than you can afford. Additionally, you may not be able to pay at all. If this is the case, a better solution can be identified.

Contact Our Installment Agreement Specialist - Get Tax Relief Today

We can help you win a smaller settlement, get a IRS lien discharge, or fight for an Offer in Compromise if necessary. Contact us today for a free consultation; we are waiting to help you resolve your tax issues.

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Jacksonville $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
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Adjuntas $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguada $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Maricao $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Anasco $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Angeles $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Bajadero $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Barceloneta $75,090 $12,090 67.89%

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