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Innocent Spouse Relief

Do Not Pay For Another Person's Error.

It is possible to end up with a tax debt due to the actions of your current or former spouse, even if you had no knowledge or control over the actions that led to the non-compliance. The unfair thing is, this can happen even if you have done everything in your powers to follow the tax code to the letter. On the bright side, there are provisions to help you avoid paying for someone else's mistakes or dishonesty. If you are facing IRS debt because of a spouse or ex-spouse, we can help you get Innocent Spouse Relief.

What Is Innocent Spouse Relief

IRS Tax Problems

Innocent Spouse Relief is tax solution that allows you to dispute your liability for your spouse's or ex-spouse's tax offense. This way, the blame will fall solely where it belongs.

Bear in mind that the IRS wants to collect hence they will go after anyone who is deemed a delinquent on paper. It is therefore up to you to decisively prove your case, so speak with one of our experts to avoid giving away your advantage.


Following The Innocent Spouse Relief Rules

Once you apply within two years of the time the assessment or initial collection attempt is made, you can successfully separate yourself from any IRS debt someone incurs while you were romantically involved with them. There are specific rules to follow, so it can be difficult to prove to the IRS that you are not liable, and once you apply you will be required to validate your claim. An OnCall tax lawyer can make this process much easier because we:

  • are knowledgeable
  • have the expertise of former IRS agents
  • deal with the IRS every day
  • work for your best outcome
  • live to stand up to the IRS
  • are highly successful in this area

Innocent Spouse Relief Requirements

In order to successfully submit a request for innocent spouse relief you must be able to prove that your spouse operated his or her own business independently, you had no access to your spouse's bank transactions because the two of you did not share accounts, and that you did not partake in monies earned through the tax delinquency being penalized. There are also very specific conditions that are used to judge innocent spouse relief qualifications. For example; you have to prove that a joint return was filed with tax understatements caused by your spouse's actions that you would not have been aware of, or suspected at the time you signed the return. The IRS must be convinced that assigning you any liability, given all the evidence provided and the circumstances under which you signed, would be unfair. The case you present is paramount to your success, so let us help you win.


How OnCall Tax Solutions Can Help

We can ensure that you get the kind of IRS innocent spouse relief assistance that is sure to win your case. We understand that timing is important and that anything you say to the IRS can worsen the situation, so we advice you not to go it alone. We have years of experience in this field, and work with the IRS daily so we know exactly what needs to be done. Take advantage of our expertise and avoid paying for a past spouse's mistakes, or save your current relationship from the strain these issues can cause.

Get Professional Help Today!

Even the IRS believes that you deserve to stay out of tax debt if you have done everything to avoid it, so why accept liability for someone else's actions? Call us today if a former or current spouse has landed you in trouble. You did your part, so do not suffer because of another individual.

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