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Delinquent Taxes

Escape The Stress of Delinquent Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns, then you are risking uncontrollable tax debt, criminal charges, or both. This is why you need to contact us immediately so that we assist you with bringing your tax filings up to date. Your reasons for not filing may be as simple as not having the money to pay, or being preoccupied with important issues around tax time, but they can still lead to a lot of pain and heartache. The first step is to file these delinquent returns, then fight for any tax reprieve that you may be entitled to, and our team of tax experts are trained to help you every step of the way.

How Unfiled Income Tax Returns Can Haunt You

IRS Tax Problems

Many people with delinquent tax returns are shocked at the penalty for not filing them, then they get overwhelmed from the interest that accumulates on the unpaid amount, as well as the penalties already levied. They ignore the notices, and before they know it their tax debt is too much to be repaid, the collection calls will not stop, and their credit is ruined. The IRS has ten years to collect, which means a tax debt can haunt you for years before it expires.


Finding Relief Through Delinquent Tax Help Services

You will eventually have to face the IRS, whether or not you voluntarily file your federal tax return, and historically those who go to the IRS fair better than those who have to be chased. By talking with one of our tax experts you can become current with your returns, and identify the tax solution that is best for you. There are a lot of ways to handle your tax debt, but none of these options are open to you if your returns are outstanding. The OnCall guarantee includes:

  • A compassionate team of experts
  • Great customer services
  • The industry record for fastest case resolution
  • Over 25 years in the business
  • A refund if you are not assisted
  • Nationwide certification and licensing

Selecting The Best Unfiled Tax Returns Firm

The process will not just stop at filing your outstanding returns. Once you do this you open yourself up to the process that follows; namely, an assessment of your liability as well as your interests and penalties. This means you will need a firm that understands every facet of the tax system, can preempt what will happen next, and start working towards getting you the best resolution immediately. The aim is to prevent problems or keep them simple, not fix them after they get out of control. We have experts in every area of the tax field, and they work closely to make sure that your case is dealt with fully.


Choose Us For Your Delinquent Tax Help

Do not pay for first time consultation or a lost battle. We will advice you for free plus, we refund you f we fail to help you with your IRS problems. This is how confident we are in the expertise we will provide you once you choose an OnCall tax professional to handle your case. With our combine 250 years of experience and ongoing support, you will have a lot less to worry about.

Contact OnCall Delinquent Tax Return Team Today

We can only help you if you seek our help, so do not wait. Tax problems will not just go away, and the sooner you are no longer delinquent the better it will be for you and your finances. Speak with us now and see how we can help you regain your economic freedom.

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South Florida Locations

OnCall Past Client Results

Location Owed Paid Saved
Jacksonville $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Holtsville $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Adjuntas $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguada $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Maricao $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Anasco $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Angeles $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Bajadero $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Barceloneta $75,090 $12,090 67.89%

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