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IRS Wage Garnishment

Stop IRS Wage Garnishment Proceedings Before They Start

If you owe income tax then the IRS will make several attempts to get the amount settled. It is best that you contact us the minute the notices start, because your inability to settle your tax debt could lead to an IRS wage levy. Referred to as a wage garnishment, this type of IRS levy means that a percentage of your salary will be withheld and sent to the IRS, even if you do not agree. Although the government would prefer to collect the money you owe through other means, it is not opposed to garnishing your wages if it feels that you are not doing enough to pay your debt, and all other options have been exhausted. 

The Most Aggressive Type of IRS Levy to Date

IRS Tax Problems

IRS wage garnishments are considered the most aggressive form of tax levy the government uses to collect monies, and it can be hard to get rid off once it starts. In principle, your income will remain in this state until the amount is satisfied, the debt expires, or you pay the amount in full. Your employer will not refuse the IRS's demand, but you can manage the situation in a way that makes it less painful for you.


Avoid or Manage Wage Garnishments

This is not an action that should take you by surprise since the IRS will do everything to ensure that you know of their intentions, they will also try to collect otherwise first. If you fail to respond suitably, then the action is almost inevitable. You have steps to take even after garnishment starts that can protect you from the brunt of it, but the extent of your tax troubles and your financial situation will determine the best ones for you. At OnCall we:

  • Have saved clients millions
  • Have 25 years dealing with these cases
  • Are licensed and certified nationally
  • Remain dedicated and compassionate
  • Offer great customer service
  • Staff former IRS agents

Stop Wage Garnishment Arrangements Before They Ruin You

When you employer receives a garnishment order he or she will comply to avoid having to pay your tax debt if the amount remains unresolved. This means that it does not matter what your financial obligations are, the percentage the IRS wants will be deducted before you even see your salary. This can lead to further financial strains, stop you from getting loans, or negatively impact your credit score. Speak with one of our tax experts now to find out how to stop wage garnishment deductions, or manage the amount so that you can still meet your bills after it is removed.


We Can Help You With Your IRS Wage Levy

Let OnCall tax solutions services help you stop or manage your wage garnishments. We will look beyond your current problem to find the right solution for you, so that you not only resolve this issue, but the underlying causes as well. We are trained to leave you debt-free and financially stable.

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Our staff is waiting to help you so pick up the phone and call. The expertise you get and the overall world class service will make you glad you took advantage of our free consultation. Do not delay any further, contact us now.

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