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IRS Tax Lien

Act Now To Get Your IRS Tax Lien Release

You may be facing serious trouble if you have received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This is why we recommend that you speak with one of our tax experts the minute you are notified. A lien is the first in a number of methods the IRS uses to force people to comply, and can be followed by a levy or seizure of assets. Federal tax liens are enforced when you fail to pay your tax debt, and the IRS believes force is now necessary to collect. This move is taken after all notices have been ignored, or the amount remains unpaid yet, the taxpayer has made no attempts to make any arrangements. 

Seize Every Chance to Become Compliant

IRS Tax Problems

Tax liens affect your credit in ways you may not even consider. You may not be able to sell or refinance your home, get loans for large purchases, or use money in your bank account. Furthermore, liens can prevent you from getting employment, or even renting a property. In fact, liens can ruin your credit long after they have been lifted, so you need to avoid them. You will receive several letters and notices before the situation comes to this; each one is a chance to become compliant, and avoid the nightmare of having a lien on you. Contact us so we can show you how to get an IRS lien discharge and walk away with satisfactory results.


Handling Lien Letters and Notices

The initial assessment letter that outlines your tax liabilities can be followed by CP501, CP503, CP504, and Letter 1058 (LT 11), as well as a NFTL or Notice of Federal Tax Lien. Each is more severe than the preceding notice, and how far the process goes depends on you. You can stop the situation from getting out of hand by contacting OnCall right away. Our IRS tax lien help services come with:

  • 25 years of experience
  • Free consultation
  • Ongoing customer support
  • National Certification & Accredittion
  • Team of CPAs, tax attorneys, tax professionals
  • The industry's fastest resolution time

Secure A Federal Tax Lien Release Now

Unless you address the issue, a tax lien will remain until you pay the amount or the statute of limitations runs out. However, there is a very strong possibility that a levy will be enforced before the statue expires, so this is not something you can just ignore. Additionally, penalties and interest will continue to accumulate until they reach their thresholds. The faster you secure a federal tax lien release the less you are likely to pay, and the quicker you can get back to accessing your assets.


Let OnCall Handle Your IRS Lien Removal

Join the more than 3000 thousand clients who avoided paying large tax bills simply because they made us their tax help company of choice. We have saved millions for our clients, and will continue to work tirelessly to retain our position as an industry leader. Speak with one of our experts today to see how we can help you.  

Call Us Now For Your IRS Tax Lien Help

When you choose us you get reasonable pricing, a refund if we cannot assist you, world-class customer support, and online access to your file so that you are always informed. This is just a part of the OnCall package so why look elsewhere if you need to remove IRS lien? Give us a call today and start eliminating your tax lien problems.

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