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IRS Tax Levy

A Federal Tax Levy Can Make Life Difficult

Call us now if you are among the more than 2 million taxpayers to receive an IRS levy notice last year, or fear you may become a part of that growing number this year. The IRS can place a levy on any asset you own that is in the care or possession of another party. This asset has to be payable in the form of a check therefore, it includes your wages, savings, and a number of other monetary assets. Overall, most assets that have equity are at risk.

IRS Levies Can Damage Your Credit

IRS Tax Problems

You are urged to settle you unpaid back taxes, or respond to all notices and letters as soon as possible, since your failure or refusal to do so can force the IRS to levy you. There are still steps to take if you are just unable to pay your tax debts, but ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Having a IRS bank levy or IRS wage levy can ruin you financially for many reasons. Even if you do survive, it can be extremely difficult to meet your daily expenses while you are being levied, and possibly ruin your credit. We can help you solve most levy problems quickly, as well as advise you on any tax relief options you may be entitled to.


Responding to Levy Notices and Threats

You must be notified of your tax debt, receive a demand for payment, be notified of the IRS's intention to levy you, as well as your right to a due-process hearing before collection starts. You can stop a levy nightmare by responding the instant you start getting notices. Choosing us is the first step, because we work to win you an IRS tax levy release within 24 to 72 hours, or before the money is sent. At OnCall, we:

  • Offer you a free consultation
  • Hold the record for fastest resolution in the industry
  • Allow case tracking online
  • Are nationally certified
  • Have 25 years experience
  • Are IRS licensed in all 50 states

Don't Get Confused - A levy Versus A Seizure

Legally, the two terms have no distinctions, and some people use them interchangeably. However, a levy is normally placed on things that can be collected almost immediately, so it is often placed on wages, accounts, and investments that are not exempt. We know how difficult it can be to pay bills, get financing, or live a stress-free life while a federal tax levy is in effect. This is why we get started on these cases right away.  


Choose the Best the Industry has to Offer

Losing portions of your salary can be devastating if you are already facing financial difficulties, so stop IRS levy actions before they come into effect. The experts at OnCall Tax Relief have been working tirelessly to make sure taxpayers like you can enjoy their earnings while being tax-compliant. We can help you regain your financial freedom, and move past any IRS debacle that threatens to undermine your years of hard work.

Call Us Today and Get Your Levy Removed

Speak with one of our tax professionals today for your IRS tax levy help, and see how quickly you can start recovering. There is no need to live in fear of the state, or give up on your dream of economic independence. Gives us a call now, so we can help you.

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Aguada $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
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Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Aguadilla $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Maricao $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Anasco $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Angeles $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Arecibo $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Bajadero $75,090 $12,090 67.89%
Barceloneta $75,090 $12,090 67.89%

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Their patience makes me feel like I shouldn’t even worry much.
Their patience makes me feel like I shouldn’t even worry much. On Call Tax Relief, Inc. takes my calls as seriously as anyone should without the added pressure or the imposed anxiety other agencies...

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