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Tax Problems? We Solve Them!

We are the Trusted Company of Choice When IRS Problems Becomes Too Much

Tax Problems? We Solve Them!

What's Your IRS problem?

Our team of Tax Attorney, CPA and Enrolled Agents together can help you settle your back taxes, release your levy, save your home or business and end many other IRS tax problem.

Tax Problems can happen to anyone, buy best essays here and the slump in the economy is making tax problems an annual issue for many individuals and small businesses. Don’t despair when you receive the notice from the IRS; there is help available to you. Whether you are being audited or a levy has been placed on your accounts; we can work with the IRS for you to resolve these issues. No matter what the tax problem you are having involves, personal or business taxes, the professionals at Tax OnCall Financial can help you to find a solution. Contact us today!

Solve your IRS tax problem - Get your life back

Tax Problems? We Solve Them!

Ignoring a tax problem will not make it go away. No matter how much you try and ignore the tax problem it is always there in the back of your mind, it will influence everything you do, making your life miserable. The problem will just continue to grow as the IRS relentlessly follows its collection steps.

Contact us today to help you find a resolution for your tax problems before they grow beyond what you can deal with. Talk to us, let us help you work out a solution you can live with and get the IRS off your back for good.

Back Taxes
Tax Lien

A tax liens give the IRS a legal claim to your property as security or payment for your outstanding tax debt. A notice of federal tax lien is usually filed in connection with a tax debt and after you are given 10 days notice to pay the tax debt, thus affording you the opportunity to pay the tax debt in full. The notice of IRS tax lien is usually filed with County Clerk's office in which you resides. A lien gives your creditors notice that any property that you currently own and that you might acquire in  the future will be subject to the lien. CAUTION! The filing of a Tax Lien, will negatively affect your credit score. It will affect your ability to purchase a car, a home or even getting a job. 

Even if you have received a notice that a tax lien has been filed against you there are still solution. The important thing is to act quickly. The IRS must give you five days  written notice that a tax lien will be filed. The lien will be released 30 days after the debt is paid in full. It will also be released 10 years after the tax you owed was assessed, unless the IRS refiles the lien. The lien can be discharged if certain conditions are met. 

Tax Levy

A tax levy is usually not the first step in the IRS collection attempt. In the usual order of things you will receive a notice of tax lien before a levy is placed on your accounts. If you have not already done so contact our office and speak with a tax relief professional today. If you have reached the point where the IRS has levied either your personal or business assets, then you have a serious problem. However, it is still possible to find a solution that you can live with. Generally a tax levy is the result of unpaid taxes or unfiled tax returns.

If you contact a tax relief professional fast, it may be possible to get a Stay of Collections which will give you and your representative 90 days to come up with a resolution that the IRS will agree to. This may not seem like much time, but a lot can be done in 90 days. A tax levy could result in you loosing not only money but any other assets you have as well, such as your home, business, or vehicles.

Tax Audits

Tax audits are usually one of the first steps taken by the IRS. This is the best place to stop further action. If you are notified that a tax audit is being performed you should contact a tax relief professional immediately. Having a tax professional represent you will not keep the IRS auditor from finding issues, if there are any, but it could help you find a solution to whatever tax issues crop up. If you have a tax relief professional helping you at this point you could end up with a simple payment plan that can clear up all your IRS problems in one step.

It may even be possible to get your case listed as currently not collectible. This would keep the IRS from pursuing other forms of collections against you. If you let this go and do nothing the IRS will continue to take steps to collect any money they think you owe them. The IRS is not concerned with whether you can pay your bills or your employees; they just want you to pay them.

Payroll Taxes

Unpaid payroll taxes are one of the most common business tax problems in the United States today. If you suspect or know that you have unpaid payroll taxes you need to take action fast. Contact a tax relief professional to find out what your options are at this time. Laws governing taxes change from year to year so your options could change as well. No matter what you will have to pay the payroll taxes that you are behind on, but a tax professional may be able to help you avoid some of the late fees or fines that the IRS loves to add on. They may also be able to keep the IRS from locking the doors of your business and levying all your other assets.

The IRS does not care that closing your business down will keep you from making the money to pay the back taxes. To their way of looking at it, having the business did not mean you paid your taxes. The IRS has become more aggressive in their collection methods due to the larger number of people failing to file their taxes. Don’t be caught in their collection net, contact us for help.

Unfiled Returns

The poor economy has made some people decide to postpone filing their tax returns. This is not a wise decision. You will eventually have to file them. If you have put it off then you are also liable for late fees and penalties. You need to talk to a professional tax relief specialist as soon as possible. They can help you get the unfiled tax returns filed and attempt to limit the penalties you may face.

If there are circumstances that made you unable to file your tax returns in a timely manner, they can help. Contact us to discuss your options. We can help you find a solution to your tax problems. You may even qualify for a filing of currently not collectible. This is not a get out of jail free card; you will eventually have to pay the taxes due on the previously unfiled tax returns. However, it may give you an additional 18 months to work out a way to get them resolved.

Wage Garnishments

There are several good reasons to fear the notification that the IRS is going to garnish your wages. For one thing the first step in this process is to tell your boss that you owe the government money. This is an embarrassing position to be put in at work. The second is that once notified your employer has no choice but to send the specified portion of your paycheck to the IRS. If that isn’t bad enough there is the amount that the IRS demands. They don’t care if you will have enough to live on, pay bills, or feed your family. They just care that they are getting paid. Before it comes to this point contact our office.

We can help you work out a payment plan with the IRS that won’t leave you visiting a food kitchen for your next meal. Our trained professionals are used to dealing with the IRS and have a good idea what payment plans the government will accept. Don’t leave it up to the IRS to set your payments, if they garnish your wages they could be taking up to half your paycheck.

Why Choose Our Tax Debt Relief Services

We are proud of our record of successful negotiations on the behalf of our clients. We explain exactly what your options are and how best to resolve your tax issues. Our tax relief professionals will look at all feasible solutions to your tax problems and will help you work out a resolution that saves you the most money. We understand that each and every tax problem is different and that there is no such thing as one tax solution fits all. The IRS may not care about your personal financial problems, but we try to take everything into consideration when we negotiate a resolution for you.

  • We are open and honest with our clients.
  • Record of past success
  • Sincere concern for the client
  • Will not be intimidated by the IRS
  • Over 25 Years of Successful Negotiation
  • We will fight the IRS in court if necessary

We Can Help With Your Tax Problems

We understand that problems can occur in even the best run homes and businesses. We can help you find the solutions to your tax problems so that the IRS is not hounding you. OnCall tax relief professionals have a history of successfully dealing with the IRS and reaching resolutions that have saved our clients money and peace of mind. No one can concentrate on running their business or living their life with the IRS breathing down their necks. Let us help you resolve your tax problems today so that you can truly enjoy tomorrow.

Speak With Our Tax Relief Consultant

If you have a specific question or just want to discuss a tax problem, contact us today. It is as easy as filling out our contact form online, calling us at 1-888-292-7882, visit site if you want someone to write your papers or stopping by one of our nearby offices. We guarantee that any information you share with us will be kept 100% confidential.

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