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IRS Offer in Compromise

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Do You Qualify For An Offer in Compromise (OIC)?

Tax OnCall tax relief lawyers have been dealing with the IRS for over two decades. We are licensed to represent you with your IRS tax problem, and can accurately evaluate your chances of an OIC settlement.

Our Offer in Compromise Solutions Works for:

  • File Back Taxes
  • Settle Tax Liabilities
  • Get A Payment Plan
  • Save Thousands
  • Release Tax Liens
  • Permanently Eliminate Tax Debts
IRS Offer in Compromise

The OIC process is not one you want to brave alone. Between the regulations and procedures, it is long and complicated so, the best thing to do is leave the work to experts with extensive knowledge and a successful history of representing people like you. Get professional representation now and win the settlement you deserve.

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OIC - Do You Qualify?

Is it impossible to pay off your IRS debt in the required time? You could get a more manageable final settlement.

Our OIC Tax Experts

Not only have our experts won settlements for many past clients, we are also trained to determine if you qualify.

OIC Evaluation Process

The OIC process is complicated, but our experts know what it takes for you to apply and win the relief you need.

What is an OIC

An OIC is an agreement granted by the IRS that can significantly cut your tax debt, but first you must qualify.

Type of Qualifying OIC

When making an offer for an OIC, the sum must be equal to or more than the RCP/Reasonable Collection Potential sum. The RCP is used to value your assets and projected future earnings. To qualify there must be:

  • Doubt of Collectability – Here, the IRS sees that there is no way a taxpayer can clear the owed amount before the statue of limitation ends.

  • Doubt of Liability – This applies if the accuracy of amount owed is in question, or the taxpayer doubts anything is owed to the IRS at all.

  • Effective Taxation- There is no issue with liability and collectability however, paying the full debt will financially ruin the taxpayer.

When An OIC Is The Last Resort

There a number of ways to gain tax relief however, there are times when your options will be limited to an OIC agreement. Conditions that can lead to this include

We can help you decide if an OIC is a suitable solution for you, then help you apply. We will then stay with you for as long as it takes, so you never have to be alone.

Know Your Chances Then Pay

Applying for OIC is not enough yet, some companies will take your money just to submit an application. Do not pay $3,000 to $6,000 only to find out that you do not qualify because the money you owe the IRS will still be there. Here at OnCall Tax Relief Inc. we believe in letting you know your chances before you pay anything, so we will counsel you for free.

Take The First Step Today

When it comes to dealing with debt and rising interest charges, time really is money. This means that the longer you try to avoid the IRS, the harsher your penalties may be. Take the first step by calling 1-800-IRS-CALL (1-800-477-2255) to speak with an IRS tax attorney today.