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The Best Time to Get Tax Debt Relief through a Streamlined Offer in Compromise is now!

IRS has streamlined the Offer in Compromise – Consult a Sarasota Tax Resolution Professional Today!

The “Offer in Compromise” (OIC) is an IRS tax settlement program which allows taxpayers with unpaid tax debt to settle their tax liabilities for less than the amount they originally owed IRS. Under this tax settlement program, the troubled taxpayers get “to pay pennies for the dollar”.  The program is meant for delinquent taxpayers with no means of paying their tax liabilities without creating burdensome financial hardships to them and their families. However, the requirements for this tax settlement program were quite stringent in the past, limiting the number of those who qualify to just a few. They have since streamlined the tax settlement program in keeping with the difficult economic times and to help hard-up taxpayers. Previously, the Offer in Compromise program was limited to delinquent taxpayers who owe the IRS no more than $25,000 in Tax Debt. Today, the ceiling has been raised to $50,000 and even included those whose annual incomes reach $100,000.
They have also included various payment options for Offer in Compromise tax settlements which now includes

·    An Offer in Compromise Cash Offer
·    An Offer in Compromise Short Term Deferred Payment Offer
To learn more about these payment options and this newly streamlined Offer in Compromise Tax Settlement program contact a Sarasota Tax Resolution Professional now.
Offer in Compromise
An IRS program which allows taxpayers with unpaid tax debt to settle their tax liability for less than the amount originally owed is known as an “Offer in Compromise” (OIC). The OIC is meant for individuals who simply cannot pay for their tax liability, or for whom doing so may create burdensome financial hardships. As such, the IRS normally accepts OICs under certain conditions and you should allow experienced Sarasota Tax Resolution Professionals help you prepare your OICs in order to increase the chances of getting them approved.
IRS Tax Levy
An IRS Tax Levy is a statutory authority given to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to seize the property of a taxpayer in order to satisfy his tax liability without the need to go to court. The taxpayer’s properties often include monies in bank accounts or paychecks. Until a levy release is granted, the levy remains in effect and the services of a Sarasota Tax Attorney are required to acquire a levy release.
IRS Tax Lien
An IRS Tax Lien is a legal claim or hold upon a property to insure the payment of outstanding tax liabilities. Often served in connection with a tax levy, tax liens freeze the personal or business accounts of the delinquent taxpayer and these assets remain frozen until after the tax liability is paid. Sarasota Tax Lien specialists can help you remove IRS liens and free your assets.
Penalty Abatement
The IRS imposes stiff Tax penalties and Interests on unpaid tax liabilities constituting as much as 25% of the total amount due. The IRS Penalty Abatement program removes penalties reduced or removed from existing tax liability thereby lifting financial burdens. Reliable Sarasota Enrolled Agents can help you reach a Tax Settlement with the IRS that is financially favorable to you, using this program.
Unfiled Tax Returns
Often times, people do not files their taxes for reasons including not having appropriate records and being afraid of owing the IRS. Failing to file tax returns is known as having unfiled tax returns. Professional assistance in addressing unfiled tax returns is available and should be utilized.
IRS Tax Audit
An IRS Tax Audit is a review made by the IRS on your tax returns to determine the veracity and accuracy of your reported income, reported expenses, and credits. It is best to seek the services of a Sarasota Enrolled Agent to assist in guiding you through the process up front. A Tax Resolution Professional is also available to completely represent you by standing in you stead for the IRS Audit.

Why you should hire a Sarasota Tax Attorney

Anytime you come head to head with the IRS regarding a tax bill you can not afford, or a dispute over the amount owed, or (especially) about an IRS audit - is the best time to seek professional tax help. Consulting a Sarasota Tax Attorney during the early stages of a tax dispute will not only give you the much needed Tax Relief, but will also reduce, if not totally eliminate your IRS Tax Problems before they can get out of hand. Tax lawyers continuously study and research tax statutes, Treasury regulations and IRS rulings, and court decisions surrounding the various tax laws. They simply have a level of specialized training that you can not expect from a tax accountant or an enrolled agent. 

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