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Most of you must be aware of the consequences of not filing taxes and paying your tax bill. As a conscientious citizen it is required that you settle your debt without attempting to employ any deceptive measures to reduce the size of your bill or concealing your assets from the state. Regardless of your financial distress, your failure to file and subsequently pay taxes will be treated by the IRS as tax evasion and you will be subjected to penalties. If the IRS has put Miami Tax Liens on you, do the responsible thing and resolve your debt in a manner that is consistent with state laws. You can make this possible with the help Miami Tax Advisors. Our team of Miami Tax Professionals will offer you the most reliable, effective and efficient measures to resolve our liability and your IRS problems.

Helping People in Miami with Tax Problems

Are you indebted with the IRS? Does the IRS garnish your salaries, or are you in danger that the IRS will garnish your salaries? Do they give you penalties that make it hard for you to pay basic utility bills and other liabilities? Stop and give us a call now! Let's talk about issues on how to prevent garnishment, penalties, and interest from IRS. An experienced Fort Lauderdale Tax Relief Attorney can discuss it with you.

Unfiled Taxes
A liability is created upon filing tax returns. It is for this reason many people refrain from paying taxes, since they do not possess adequate means to pay the liability at a certain point in time. The size of the penalty that the IRS imposes on your delinquent returns may be up to 25 % of your outstanding tax bill! Avoid this additional burden by seeking the help of Miami Tax professionals and let our IRS Tax Experts file your taxes and get your finances in order.
Tax Penalties
If you were unable to pay your tax penalties for genuine reasons like adverse financial situation, you can seek a review of your penalty by the IRS and even have it revoked. Our lawyers at Miami Tax Help have assisted their clients with successful reviews for years and have obtained drastic reductions in the amount of tax liability. If you want tax penalty abatement, call a Miami Tax Attorney today for representing your case before the IRS and getting you your desired abatement.
Payroll Tax
The IRS has a very aggressive policy for assessing delinquent payroll taxes, and if found guilty, the size of your unfiled payroll taxes liability will increase enormously. In the misfortune event of getting caught, you must have the representation of a Tax Expert to deal with the IRS for such a problem. Enlist the services of one of the Miami Tax Attorneys for settlement of your problem with the IRS.
Wage Garnishment
A wage garnishment levy is a last resort remedy for the IRS to collect taxes. In imposing such a levy, the IRS subtracts a certain fraction of your salary to pay your debt. If your financial situation is already weak, then you must negotiate a more suitable settlement term. With the help of Miami Tax Professionals, obtain an Installment Agreement, an Offer in Compromise, or have your debt given a Currently Not Collectible status, depending on your financial position.
IRS Tax Liens
A Miami Tax Lien will no doubt put you at odds with your finances and compound your financial troubles. However, you need not suffer additional stress. Call the offices of Miami Tax Relief for an expedient settlement of your IRS debt and relieve yourself of extraneous financial duress.
Payroll Tax

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If you attempt to run from the IRS, you may discover eventually that your debt crisis will worsen in the future instead of disappearing, as you hoped it would. Instead of evading taxes, the more feasible option for you is to employ the professional services of Miami Tax Relief to resolve your debt, without breaking any rules. If you have a large outstanding tax bill, now is the time to hire one of the qualified Miami Tax Attorneys to secure a favorable payment plan for yourself. Give Miami Tax Help a call and free yourself from the burden of IRS taxes today!

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