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Those of you who have neglected to file your tax returns or pay your tax bill in the past and have continued to do so, will be most likely aware of the consequences of ignoring your duty. The IRS sanctions irresponsible behavior by imposing a Tax Liens or several forms of tax levies and penalties on your outstanding bill. Needless to say, this creates a huge financial strain for you, which seems irresolvable. There is no doubt that the IRS is equipped with tools to address any loopholes you create to get out of your tax debt, but if you seek a legally sound, responsible way of resolving your tax issues that won’t compound your financial duress, get in touch with Jacksonville Tax Help today. Our team of Tax Professionals at Jacksonville Tax Relief can ensure you a way out of the most challenging IRS problems and provide reliable and expedient services.

Tax Relief for People in Jacksonville

Scores of people in Jacksonville receive IRS notices of levies and penalties on a daily basis. The main objective of Jacksonville Tax Relief is to assist and guide these people to resolve their tax problems and answer their queries about the technical difficulties in filing tax returns or in choosing the right solution to their unique IRS problem. Jacksonville Tax Attorneys also offer their legal services to our clients who seek representation before the IRS to negotiate terms of settlement of their IRS debt. If you are interested in the successful and stress free resolution of your tax liability, call Jacksonville Tax Advisors today and avail a free consultation!

Tax Levy
The IRS deals with non payers by imposing Tax Levies on their personal assets. The IRS Bank Levy is the most common levy imposed. The IRS sends out a Notice of Intent to levy to the homes of targeted non payers. If you have received such a notice than you can expect your bank to freeze all your assets for 21 days, after which the IRS will use your bank funds to pay off your liability. To avoid this, call Jacksonville Tax Lawyers who may secure a deal with IRS to abandon collection efforts for a suitable period of time in which you are required to make alternative arrangements for payment of your debt.
Unfiled Tax Returns
Even the most law abiding citizens occasionally fail to file their tax returns. Commonly cited reasons for not filing include change in filing status due to death of spouse or family members and/or financial distress. In most cases the IRS will file these taxes for you creating a tax liability that must be paid. In case on noncompliance, the IRS imposes heavy penalties on the outstanding tax bill. With the services of Jacksonville Tax Attorneys, you can seek solutions for your delinquent returns. Jacksonville Tax Professionals will collect the information necessary to file your tax returns and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to obtain a feasible settlement plan.
Tax Penalty
The IRS waives off certain tax penalties if it is convinced that they will genuinely overburden the tax payer. However, the tax payer must prove that there was no willful neglect of duty on his behalf. If you have been genuinely unable to pay your taxes on account of financial distress, the allow Jacksonville Tax Lawyers to take up your case to the IRS and secure a penalty abatement for you. Jacksonville Tax Advisors are completely knowledgeable of the IRS’s Reasonable Cause guidelines and are therefore equipped to convince the IRS to remove your penalties and provide you with some respite.
Payroll Tax
Employers who fail to remit payroll taxes withheld from their employees’ salaries can be charged with theft of federal funds, if found guilty of this practice. Delinquent payroll taxes are a severely penalized tax violation. If you have been charged with this offense, then you can mitigate the terms of your penalty by seeking the legal counsel of Jacksonville Tax Advisors. The IRS Tax Attorneys at Jacksonville Tax Help will represent you before the IRS to negotiate the terms of your punishment and obtain a suitable repayment agreement for you.
Wage Garnishment
Wage garnishment is one of the final measures that the IRS resorts to when dealing with serial non compliers. In this case the IRS does not notify the violator of its’ intent and directly deducts a fraction of the non payers salary to pay off his/her tax bill. If you find yourself subjected to wage garnishment, allow the Jacksonville Tax Relief team to put an end to your wage garnishment. Depending on your financial situation, the Jacksonville IRS TAX Attorneys will seek a Stay of Collections for you, which will protect your assets from imminent threat.
IRS Tax Liens
If you face Jacksonville Tax Liens, let us assure you that they are not irresolvable. Jacksonville Tax Help and its team of competent tax professionals can assist you with every tax problem on the planet and procure the means for your debt to be repaid that do not increase your financial vulnerability any further.

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Many people have discovered to their dismay that ignoring their tax problems and hiding from the IRS has only served to compound their tax liability. If the IRS charges you with breach of law, then any attempts at evasion will be considered as criminal offenses, which can have severe legal repercussions. Therefore, the more rational approach to deal with the IRS is to seek help and settle your tax issues, like a responsible and conscientious citizen. Ignoring your tax problems will lead to more severe consequences in the future. Jacksonville IRS Tax Attorneys are all the help you need if you are looking for the right way out of your tax issues. Jacksonville Tax Relief promises it clients the most secure and efficient services that will eventually put an end to their tax problems for good!

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