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Homestead Tax Relief!

Get Immediate Tax Relief– With the Help of a Homestead Tax Attorney!

Why hire a Homestead Tax Lawyer for Your IRS Tax Problems

If you need to stop a bank levy, a wage garnishment, a tax lien, or if you happen to owe IRS $10,000 or more in unpaid taxes and want to prevent any IRS enforcement action in Homestead, then you definitely need the services of a Homestead Tax Relief Professionals. Although you can very well face the IRS all by yourself, your chances of getting a tax settlement favorable to you is dimmer than having experienced local Homestead Tax Relief Professionals doing it for you. Remember, once you have delinquent taxes it will be targeted by the IRS for collection – and they are mandated by law to undertake more drastic collection procedures just to resolve your tax issue. While most Homestead Tax Relief Professionals can address the various tax problems quite well, some more complicated cases may require the services of experienced Homestead Tax Lawyers.
An experienced Homestead Tax Lawyer understands the complications and intricacies of tax laws better than anyone. Being a local himself, he can be more responsive to every concern and question of the troubled local taxpayer. (Besides being one of the locals, he has to protect his reputation among them.) 
Offer in Compromise
An “Offer in Compromise” (OIC) is an IRS program that allows taxpayers to settle their tax liability for less than the amount originally owed. The IRS normally accepts OICs where the amounts offered represents the most that they can expect to collect within a reasonable period of time. You should let experienced Tax Resolution Professionals help you prepare your OICs to increase the chances of getting them approved.
IRS Tax Audit
An IRS Tax Audit involves the IRS reviewing your tax returns in an effort to determine the veracity and accuracy of your reported income, reported expenses, and credits. Getting a notice that you will be audited immediately sends fear into anyone’s heart, but do not panic. The services of a Tax Relief Professional from the get go will help to reinforce what to expect in the initial interview including knowing all the possible questions that may be asked by the IRS personnel and the documents which may be needed. In fact, you may even send your Tax lawyer or any Tax Resolution Professional in your stead for the IRS Audit!
IRS Tax Levy
An IRS Tax Levy speaks to the statutory authority given to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to seize the property of a taxpayer in order to satisfy his tax liability without the need to go to court. The taxpayer’s properties may include the monies in a bank account or a person's paychecks. The levy remains in effect until a levy release is granted. The services of a Tax Attorney are required to assist in having a levy release granted on your behalf.
IRS Tax Lien
An IRS Tax Lien is a legal claim or hold on a property in an effort to insure the payment of outstanding tax liabilities. These claims are often served in connection with a tax levy. In effect, it freezes the personal or business accounts of the delinquent taxpayer. The frozen assets can not be removed until after the tax liability is paid. Tax Lien specialists can help you remove IRS liens and unfreeze your assets.
Penalty Abatement
The IRS imposes stiff Tax penalties and Interests on unpaid tax liabilities of up to 25% of the total amount due. The IRS Penalty Abatement program allows taxpayers to have their penalties reduced or removed from their tax liability. Reliable Enrolled Agents or other Tax Resolution Professionals can help you reach a Tax Settlement with the IRS under this program which is financially favorable to you.
Unfiled Tax Returns
Often times, people do not files their taxes for reasons including not having appropriate records and being afraid of owing the IRS money. Whatever the reason, filing tax returns are important and not doing so results in having unfiled tax returns. Our professionals can help you file all exemptions and credits you may be entitles to, delinquent tax returns, help you claim all of the deductions, and get you your refund if applicable.

Common Misconception about the Offer in Compromise (OIC) and How to Use it Properly as a Tax Relief

There is a prevailing misconception about the IRS tax settlement program called Offer in Compromise. Many believe it to bea tax amnesty program and a way to reduce thousands of dollars in taxes owed to just a few hundred dollars. The truth is, the OIC is meant for individuals who simply cannot pay for their tax liability (or doing so may create burdensome financial hardships). It is meant to collect whatever revenue the IRS can get a hold of before the statute of limitations for collecting taxes run out. It depends heavily on the individual’s personal circumstances – his ability to pay, his current income, his personal expenses, and asset equity. Generally, an Offer in Compromise may be accepted by the IRS if the offered amount represents the most that the IRS expect to collect from the errant taxpayer given his personal circumstance. Making an Offer in Compromise that will have higher chances of acceptance by the IRS may require the experience and expertise of a Homestead Tax Lawyer!

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