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Hialeah Tax Relief

As a responsible citizen of the state, it is incumbent upon you to file and pay your taxes in a timely manner. Failure to do either can have legal consequences for you. If Hialeah has imposed a Tax Lien on you, you must realize that failing to comply with it can land you in big trouble with the IRS. You may be charged with numerous penalties, levies and charges, apart from being sued for the violation of law. If you want to avoid getting entangled in any of these problems, seek help from Hialeah Tax Firm, where our professionals will guide you through all the stages of your IRS debt resolution. Hialeah IRS Attorneys can ensure you reliable and efficient resolution of even the most challenging IRS problems, which is also consistent with state laws and regulations.

Tax Advice and Help for People in Hialeah

As a tax firm based in Hialeah, we are flooded with scores of calls from frantic clients on a daily basis, seeking help regarding the resolution of their tax related issues. We provide free advice to clients who face technical difficulties in filing and submitting their returns and who are indecisive about adopting a suitable remedy for their unique tax problem. Hialeah Tax Attorneys also extend their legal expertise to clients who seek representation before the IRS for negotiating terms of debt resolution. If you need tax help, Hialeah Tax Professionals have got all bases covered. Call now for a free assessment or learn more about our professional services.

Tax Levy
The IRS imposes levies on the bank assets of those tax payers who have repeatedly failed to pay their taxes. In a typical bank levy, your bank is obligated to deny you access to your assets for a period of 21 days, during which you are expected to make other arrangements to pay your debt. Failure to do so, will subject your bank assets to be utilized by the IRS to pay your tax bill. Have Hialeah Tax Attorney negotiate a Stay of Collections for you, which will prevent your assets from seizure. Hialeah Tax Lawyers can provide you with a 90 day timeline to come up with alternative means of funds to pay your tax bill.
Unfiled Tax Returns
Whether you face difficulties in filing returns or can’t pay the tax liability that is created upon filing returns, the IRS will penalize you harshly for delinquent returns. Instead of failing to file your returns altogether and being subjected to heavy penalties, enlist the services of Hialeah Tax Experts to help gather your records and file your returns for you. In cases that require negotiation of your settlement terms with the IRS, you can have a Hialeah Tax Attorney work on your case and obtain the required terms from the IRS on your behalf.
Tax Penalties
You may be penalized by the IRS for a host of reasons which may stem from a failure to pay or file taxes. If you feel that these penalties have been unfairly imposed you can have a Hialeah Tax Advisor assess your circumstances and decide if you deserve an abatement. The IRS will revoke your penalties if you are able to prove to them that certain financial constraints prevented you from paying your tax dues. A Hialeah tax Attorney is better equipped for this purpose and can obtain a penalty waiver on your behalf.
Payroll Tax
Employers who do not file payroll taxes are charged with theft of government funds. This has severe legal repercussions. You can mitigate the terms of your debt settlement by having a Hialeah Tax attorney represent your case before the IRS. A Hialeah Tax Lawyer will try and obtain the most reasonable terms of debt settlement for you, which will lessen the impact of your punishment on your finances.
Wage Garnishment
Wage garnishment levy is the last resort tool for the IRS to mobilize serial non compliers into action. The incidence of a wage garnishment levy cuts your salary by a specific fraction, the amount of which goes to the IRS to settle your debt. If you want to avoid jeopardizing your short term liquidity, then call Hialeah Tax Relief. Hialeah Tax Attorneys will review your financial position to determine an appropriate remedy for you. Options include Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise or a Currently Not Collectible Status assigned to your debt.
IRS Tax Lien
A Hialeah Tax Lien represents considerable financial liability that risks jeopardizing your assets and future. However, you can lessen your worries by dealing with it in a reasonable and expedient manner. Call Hialeah Tax help if you face a tax lien or any penalty. Hialeah Tax Professionals have all the tools to

Fix Your Debt Issues Now

Once you land in trouble with the IRS, you must take steps for expedited resolution of your problem. Evading IRS notices and collection efforts can result in heavy penalties being imposed in you, which cumulate over time and compound your financial worries. If you have somehow managed to avoid the IRS now, be rest assured that the IRS will intensify its collection efforts in the future. A more responsible alternative to hiding from the IRS is to take professional help for the settlement of your IRS problems. The Hialeah Tax Relief center can provide you with expedient and judicious solutions to every tax issue. Hialeah Tax Lawyers will ensure you the correct means of settling your liability, without constraining your finances.

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