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Paying taxes is the legal responsibility of a citizen and failure to do so is violation of law. You may be penalized for neglecting your tax duty by the IRS in the form of a Tax Liens. While IRS penalties compound your financial worries, the responsible thing to do when faced with them is to seek a means of settling your liability in a legal and responsible way, rather than seeking loopholes to evade it. If you are facing a Fort Lauderdale Tax Lien or wage garnishment or other tax penalties, contact Fort Lauderdale Tax Relief as soon as you can. Our Tax Professionals and Fort Lauderdale IRS Tax Attorneys possess the expertise and to resolve the most challenging tax problems efficiently and without jeopardizing your finances.

Tax Help for People in Fort Lauderdale

IRS tax problems plague hundreds of people every day. Fort Lauderdale Tax Professionals work tirelessly to ensure that these people obtain the most equitable and reasonable solutions to their problems. Our team of IRS Attorneys and Enrolled Agents possesses the experience and the expertise to resolve innumerable tax problems and to mitigate the impact of these tax problems on your finances and your life. We have a successful history of tax settlements and negotiations with the IRS. If you want to enjoy a debt free life, call Fort Lauderdale Tax Help at 1-800-444-5678 to enjoy a free-of-cost initial assessment.

Tax Liens
If you are encumbered by a Fort Lauderdale Tax Lien, we can assure you that it can be resolved. The team of Fort Lauderdale Tax Professionals can guarantee to safeguard your finances from being exposed to risk and to successfully resolve your tax woes.
Tax Levy
If you have failed to file your tax returns in the past, you may expect to receive a Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS, which basically threatens to freeze all your bank assets, which the IRS will use to pay off your tax bill. In order to prevent this from happening, contact Ford Lauderdale Tax Relief today and buy yourself additional time to generate alternate sources to fund your liability. A Stay Order can make this all possible and a Fort Lauderdale tax Attorney can help obtain it from the court on your behalf!
Unfiled Tax Returns
Failure to file taxes can mainly stem from two causes: inability to pay or laziness. Either way, unfiled returns are subject to harsh penalties which may increase the size of your tax bill by 25%. Fort Lauderdale Tax Professionals can prevent you from being burdened by this additional liability. Consult with one of our Fort Lauderdale Tax Experts to discuss a favorable and just repayment plan for yourself and for filing of returns as well.
IRS Tax Penalties
The IRS waives off your tax penalty if it is convinced that your inability to pay and file taxes stemmed from a genuine reason. Such a waiver actually cuts down the amount of your accrued penalties. To have your penalties abated, call the Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorneys and have them represent you before the IRS. With Fort Lauderdale Tax Help, you can obtain successful review and revocation of your tax penalties.
Payroll Tax
Occasionally, employers are tempted to remit payroll taxes that have been withheld from their employees pay. Such an act is treated as a breach of the law and the IRS deals with the issue of delinquent payroll taxes very severely. Let a Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorney represent you before the IRS in case of delinquent payroll taxes and seek the best possible settlement plan for your problem.
Wage Garnishment
The IRS punishes delinquent returns by levying a wage garnishment whereby it deducts a percentage of your salary to settle your tax liability. This leaves you with lower disposable income to meet your immediate expenses. Fort Lauderdale Tax Help possesses the knowledge and ability to put a stop to this levy. Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorneys can negotiate various options for you. These include obtaining an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise and a Currently Non collectible status for your debt, contingent on your financial situation.

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Avoiding your tax problems is perhaps the biggest error you can make. Unless you take measures to resolve it, your IRS debt will persist and increase in size over time. People who hesitate to utilize the services of tax professionals for help will be pleased to discover that Fort Lauderdale Tax Help receives thousands of calls everyday from harrowed clients and offers each of them the best possible advice and means of respite from IRS action. If you don’t act today, your personal assets are in jeopardy of being seized by the IRS in future. Call us immediately and consult one of the Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorneys for a secure means to settle your tax bill and live worry free!

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