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Employ a Boca Raton tax attorney and all your IRS tax problems will go away!

Why Choose Our Tax Debt Relief Services

We're pleased you've contacted us! We're aware of the fact that IRS transactions can be perplexing, intimidating and terrifying, to say the least. People can't grasp the fact that if they truly want their problems solved; the IRS feels the same, too. Our Fort Lauderdale IRS Attorney provides you the entire Tax Debt Resolution Options including the Stopping of Wage Garnishment, preventing IRS property seizures and penalty abatement, preventing the tax levies, and Compromise Offers, among other services.

Finding the Right Attorney for a Difficult and Complex Job

Financial difficulties are inevitable. You may suffer business reversals, unemployment or another type of situation that causes your financial stability to waiver. During times of financial hardship, you may find yourself facing IRS tax debt. IRS tax debt can be a very confusing period. However, expert consultation can help handle the complexities of the situation and result in tax settlement.
Boca Raton tax accountants are trained in handling different issues such as levy, unfiled returns, liens, surcharge and penalties. As such, allowing such individuals to work on your IRS problems will surely be beneficial.   
Tax Lien
Any legal claim or hold on property as a way of insuring the payment of outstanding tax liabilities are known as an IRS Tax Lien. Tax liens are often times served in connection with a tax levy, it freezes the personal or business accounts of the delinquent taxpayer. Assets cannot be frozen until the tax liability has been paid and so Boca Raton Tax Lien specialists can help you remove IRS liens and free your assets.
Tax Levy
An IRS Tax Levy is a statutory authority given to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that allows the organization to seize the property of a taxpayer in order to satisfy his tax liability without the need to go to court. The taxpayer’s properties may include the monies in a bank account or a person's paychecks. The levy remains in effect until a levy release is granted. To acquire a levy release, the services of a Boca Raton Tax Attorney is required.
Offer in Compromise
An IRS program which allows taxpayers with unpaid tax debt to settle their tax liability for less than the amount originally owed is known as an “Offer in Compromise” (OIC). The OIC is meant for individuals who simply can’t pay for their tax liability or doing so may create burdensome financial hardships. You should let experienced Boca Raton Tax Resolution Professionals help you prepare your OICs to increase the chances of getting them approved.
Penalty Abatement
The IRS imposes stiff Tax penalties and Interests on unpaid tax liabilities. Oftentimes these penalties and interests constitute 25% of the total amount due. The IRS Penalty Abatement program allows taxpayers to have their penalties reduced or removed from their tax liability thereby lifting a huge financial burden off a person’s tax liability. Reliable Boca Raton Enrolled Agents can help you reach a Tax Settlement with the IRS under this program which is financially favorable to you.
Unfiled Tax Returns
Whenever tax returns are not filed, they are known as “unfiled tax returns”. Filing tax returns are important and professional assistance in doing so should be sought so that it is done properly. Our tax professionals will help you file all delinquent tax returns, and help you claim all of the deductions, exemptions and credits you are entitled to, and get you your refund if applicable.
IRS Tax Audit
An IRS Tax Audit occurs when a review is made by the IRS regarding your tax returns in an effort to determine the veracity and accuracy of your reported credits, income and other reported expenses. The process begins with a letter or phone call of notification used to schedule the appropriate time for the audit and is completed with the help of a Boca Raton Agent. By having an agent such as a Tax Lawyer or other Tax Resolution Professional stand in your stead for an IRS Audit, you will know exactly what to expect in the initial interview and which documents which may possibly be needed.

Tax Attorneys in Boca Raton offers Tax Relief Services

If you are unable to settle your tax debts, the IRS can take possession of your properties, such as cars, businesses and much more. Levy is just one of the actions the internal revenue service undertakes when there are unpaid taxes. Of course, they send out notices and other forms of communication to remind the taxpayer to settle their unpaid taxes. Once you have received this reminder, it is imperative that you get in touch with Boca Raton tax audit team.
You need a Boca Raton enrolled agent to negotiate the right deal with the government. These agents are trustworthy individuals who can assist you with handling offer in compromise. If you are unable to settle back taxes it is best to rely on the expertise of a Boca Raton tax lawyer because he knows everything about the tax negotiation processes.

Tax Resolution Professionals Ready to Provide Boca Raton Tax Help

Unless you are a certified public accountant and have intimate knowledge on how the IRS works, it is recommended that you leave this matter to the experts. Tax help includes coming up with the best payment schemes that will help settle all your tax dues. Whether or not you have been in this situation before, your tax attorney will do everything to collaborate with the authorities and bargain on your behalf.
In fact, the accountant can, in some cases, propose the “not currently collectible” payment scheme where the tax collecting agency will agree to refrain from enforcing the levy for a period of one year or more depending on the agreement. This deal can be had especially if this is your first offense and you have been religiously paying your taxes for the past years.
Facing a tax debt on your own is very difficult and you should do the right thing which is to hire a competent individual who knows how to negotiate with the IRS officials. You can actually get out of this mess that you are in right now provided you know where to seek help.  

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