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We will help you get back on track with the IRS

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We have the experience and knowledge to help you with state tax problems and federal tax issues. Our tax professionals have successfully helped people across Florida find tax relief.


Begin or complete your college degree while you serve overseas.


Begin or complete your college degree while you serve overseas.

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Why Choose Our Tax Debt Relief Services

There are many different ways that an individual can find themselves with IRS tax debt and State tax debt.  Owing the state or federal government for back taxes can seem like a frightening situation and you may feel like there is no way out. We have helped thousands of Americans facing your similiar problems, we've solved Tax Problems:

Tax Lien
If you have received an IRS Notice of a Bank Levy as the result of unfiled income taxes, time is of the essence. When the IRS issues a Bank Levy, your bank is legally obligated to freeze all of your accounts for 21 days. Contact us immediately upon receiving an IRS Notice of a Bank Levy, and we can request a Stay of Collections with the IRS for up to a 90-day period, protecting your funds from being levied.
Tax Levy
Depending on the variables of the case, the back taxes themselves can usually be negotiated down to a settlement, and the associated penalties and interest abated. You should avoid meeting with any IRS or State representatives regarding payroll taxes until you have called OnCall Tax Relief to discuss your options. Call us today for a free payroll tax help consultation at 123-456-7890.
Unfiled Returns
When filing delinquent tax returns, it is important to move quickly and correctly, and to follow IRS guidelines for "voluntary compliance." If handled properly, the problem can often be resolved successfully; if handled in the wrong way, the chance of criminal prosecution or other enforced collection activity increases.Our Fort Lauderdale Tax attorneys and ex IRS Agents understand the IRS voluntary compliance requirements and have extensive experience filing unfiled tax returns and representing non-filers before the IRS and state taxing authorities
Wage Garnishment
ur Fort Lauderdale Tax Attorney and Professionals have options to STOP Wage Garnishment Immediately depending on your individual back tax situation. If neither an Installment Agreement nor an Offer in Compromise work for you on account of financial hardship, we will try to have your debt given the official IRS status of Currently Not Collectible. As a result, all collection activity will cease until you are in the position to pay your tax debt. As you can see, there are many options that could be taken by tax professionals when the IRS has garnished your wages
Tax Penalities
here have so many tax penalties that it's hard to understand which penalty they are hitting you with. The most common tax penalties are: Failure to Deposit; Failure to File; Failure to Pay. All of these tax penalties can substantially increase the amount you owe the IRS or State in a very short period of time. Tax penalties can be abated. Therefore before you pay any penalty amounts, call OnCall Tax Relief and our Fort Lauderdale Enrolled Agents can determine whether you qualify for IRS tax relief through a tax penalty abatement.
Payroll Tax
The IRS and State are very aggressive in their collection attempts for past due payroll taxes. The penalties assessed on delinquent payroll tax deposits or filings can dramatically increase the total amount of back taxes owed in a matter of months. We believe that it is critical to have representation for these types of tax problems.

Tax Resolution Experts: OnCall Tax Relief - Contact Us Today!

Call OnCall Tax Resolution Services and take the critical first step towards IRS and State back tax relief. There's no obligation and no cost to call and discuss your tax debt situation with one of our caring professionals. Your call is confidential. Call OnCall today at 1-800-477-0433 for a no obligation free consultation with one of our tax lawyers.

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